Brush with Botany Lettering

Brush with Botany Lettering

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Last year I held a lettering class that had been in development for over 2 years, this is the other half of that material.

***It is not necessary that you took Storybook Lettering to attend this class***


Together we will create 5 full lettering projects, including a final project that concludes with you creating an alphabet with 26 different florals

Embrace letters in all their leafy form. Play with alphabets suitable for any occasion, a card, home decor or any other use you can think of.

Each week will include a 2 hour live class which will be recorded and available afterwards for practice and in case you can't make it live. In addition, I will be offering a two 1 hour studio sessions that are perfect for questions and answers, as well as sharing some additional mini projects or simpler letters.

Studio sessions will also be recorded.

All class videos will be available to you for 1 year.

Live classes will be on Wednesday afternoons from 1:30- 3:30pm Eastern and will be available to view via video within 2 hours of the end of each class.

Studio sessions will be announced at the beginning of the class and held on the posted Sunday evenings from 8-9 pm (minimum) to allow for those who may not be free during the day to ask questions, for anyone who reviewed the video and would like more help or just to come learn some extra lettering techniques. There may be the occasional change in studio session dates to accomodate holidays or if the majority of students request a different time.

Content for studio sessions will vary on demand depending on student direction.

Class 1: 5/25

Class 2: 6/1

Class 3: 6/8

Class 4: 6/15

Class 5: 6/22

Class 6: 6/29


Videos should be available by 7pm on Wednesdays.



If you would like to attend but need a payment plan please reach out, I can set up invoicing so you can pay in 3 installments.