Holiday Lettering (4 week course!)

Holiday Lettering (4 week course!)


Come join me in this fun 4 week class where we will create 4 projects, play with multiple fanciful alphabets and have a great time gearing up for the holidays (And we're doing it in advance!)
This class is designed to be inclusive of the winter holidays, regardless of what you celebrate!
Perfect for the novice or more advanced  letterer, we will  be working largely with  pen and ink, markers and microns in this installment of my lettering classes. 

Classes will be recorded and hosted on my mighty network, so you attend and participate on your own time if the schedule live classes do not work for you. 

Sundays 2-4pm, with a Wed evening Studio session.
Oct 3rd

Oct 10th

Oct 17th

Oct 24th *tentative* class may be held Oct 31