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Pray for Rain Lidded Mug

Pray for Rain Lidded Mug


These mugs are 15 oz and ceramic with a bamboo lid


12 oz and stainless steel with a plastic lid.
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I eventually completed a 9 piece installation that I call "Pray for Rain"
The story behind “Pray for Rain“

"When your heart is broken, you plant seeds in the cracks and pray for rain.”
After my son Travis sustained his spinal cord injury he spent a great deal of time in the hospital in 2019, healing,  having multiple surgeries and learning to navigate life after his spincal cord injury.
During that timeframe, somewhere, I read the above quote and it stuck in my mind, and brought me peace.
At the same time I began to paint this type of  flower.

 They were bright, cheerful and relaxing to paint. I would sit with him, paint or draw these flowers and repeat “sometimes you pray for rain” in my head while trying to hope for better days. This collection is based on those days that were dark, and his sense of humor brought brightness to the people he encountered. Each piece in this particular collection is named after a nurse or specialist that helped keep Travis here with us.

After his discharge one of the things we planned for him to do to help him on his path to independence was for him to attend Empower SCI in July of 2020. 
As we ALL know ALL too well, life once again had different plans. The program was cancelled for the next several years and until now hasn't been an option. 
Travis would like to attend. Unfortunately, like everything else, and because of everything else costs have increased. 
I decided to create mugs of the installation piece "Pray for rain" to help raise funds for him to attend the program in July. 


These mugs are 15 oz and ceramic with a bamboo lid
12 oz and stainless steel with a plastic lid. 

Domestic shipping is $5 and included in the price.

International shipping is $10 and I can invoice you for the difference. 

Thank you so much, you can learn more about Empower SCI at the  link included.


First run of mugs will ship the week of 2/24

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