Mushrooms - One Hour Watercolor- Series 3

Mushrooms - One Hour Watercolor- Series 3


Back by Popular demand, this starter series includes a new technique each week, every class is designed to teach or expand on a watercolor skill. All paintings are done with a minimal number of paints and supplies. and this class is suitable for anyone that has ever picked up a paintbrush, even in passing. 


You will start with a blank page, and one hour later you will have a completed work.  

Each class offers a different technique

Signing up for all 4 classes provides a discount. 

Classes may be signed up for individually but please note as you sign up that not the same skills are taught in each class, each focuses on an individualized skill.  


If you are interested in this class but the time does not work for you, please email me at  to let me know you are interested in a different class time or day 

Class is Sept  27th from10:3-11:30 am (eastern)

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