Pumpkin Spice Pieces with Yvonne Westover  & Kelly Barone

Pumpkin Spice Pieces with Yvonne Westover & Kelly Barone


This workshop will make you all cozy with the warm colours of fall, the smooth curves of pumpkins & acorns and the ideas will carry you creatively through the season.

A class of combos, creativity and collaboration!
A class of more options. 
More play. 
More Fun. 

More stress
More Supplies
More work. 

October 18th, 3-6pm (Eastern)

This class will come with a bunch of "pieces" that will allow you to make amazing things throughout the fall season, including special projects to continue the fun after class. 

If you haven't had the fun of taking a class taught by Yvonne AND Kelly together, this is your opportunity. 
Since we practically wave to one another across the border, we've priced this class "internationally" so that it is accessible for both our Canadian and US friends... .
Please note that this is priced in USD. 
And we tried to time it so that our friends from other countries will find it scheduled at a time that will work for them as well. 
We do plan on recording this, so if you can't make it you can still sign up, get all the material and instruction and join the fun. 


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