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Custom Home Portraits

Custom Home Portraits

"A house is made with walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams."Ralph Waldo Emerson

A watercolor portrait of your home will create custom artwork for anyone you know who loves their home.
Who wouldn't love a custom painting of their home? These make wonderful gifts for new homeowners, siblings, parents, people moving away or anyone that loves their house!
These make excellent gifts for anniversaries, housewarmings, birthday, retirement, hostess gifts, graduation and more.

Our homes hold many cherished memories are a part of our history and identity.
Memories from homes, whether they be our first home, or the memories of a loved ones home or where we raised our children, where we were first married or the home we grew up in, I can capture that for you to keep.
Other places to consider, schools, places of employment, favorite vacation spots or anywhere that holds meaning to you and your family.

Painting size is approximately 8x10” on professional archival watercolor paper.
It will arrive in a cream, black or white mat based on the colors in your images, to suitably accent your home sized to fit in an 11x14 frame.

I produce my paintings based on photos submitted by you. I can do some research however without pictures it's impossible for me to produce what you remember. If you need research I will work with you to accomodate that, but there may be an additional charge.
If possible, I prefer you to supply me 3-5 images to choose from and work with.
Unnecessary objects can be removed.
I can change seasons as well as remove unnecessary objects or highlight details that are specifically important.
Original artwork signed by the artist. Original work becomes the property of the buyer. Seller retains all rights to digital images, including the right to sell reproductions.

Message me for information on other sized drawings or custom paintings, or for information on making your image into notecards to use for thank yous or stationary. Additionally
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