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How does your garden grow-Recordings

How does your garden grow-Recordings


It’s time to start planting your spring flowerz! And we recorded it for your convenience!

Tend to your virtual garden of creativity with the recordings of this online retreat with the trifecta of CZTs: Kelly Barone, Jessica Davies and Yvonne Westover. Each presenting a new, colorful and thoroughly horticulturally-inspired class, this retreat is packed full of opportunities to help both your art and your 2D garden grow.

Join us from the comfort of your own greenhouse or studio space where you’ll get:

(5 videos)

4 classes

3 high-caliber gardeners instructors

2 generously sized pdf documents, one before and one after the retreat

1 full day of instruction, camaraderie, art and fun

That’s a LOT of extra dirt in your wheelbarrow!

Sample supply list:

watercolor paper cut to various sizes, archival/waterproof black pens, pencil, blending stump, eraser, watercolor pencils, markers (alcohol or water-based, any brand), white gel pen, watercolors, water brush, paper towels and water.

There are no prerequisites to attending. No green thumbs necessary. No certifications to hold. Just gather your supplies and come ready to fertilize your imagination and sprout some seeds of creativity!

About the instructors:

Kelly Barone, Jessica Davies, and Yvonne Westover are all Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZTs) who came together through their shared love of color, whimsy, positivity and art. Last year, they were attending a retreat in person when a mutual friend saw the three together and called them the “trifecta.” The name stuck and has spurred more than a few late-night gab sessions and collaborations. None of the three profess to have a green thumb other than when playing with paints.

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