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Make Mine Manila

Make Mine Manila


In my previous career I spent a LOT of time in Southeast Asia, primarily the Phillipine Islands. This batch of 6 limited edition colors is inspired by my photos and memories of my time in the Manila. I will likely have multiple sets based on different islands and lovely spots I was able to discover from these travels, but I thought Manila, as was often my homebase, was the next one I should be offering. Made up of 6 vibrant colors, it includes

Jeepney- a clear, bright lemony yellow

Dangwa- a lush royal purple with reddish tones

Halo-Halo (Ube)- a bright purple with smokey blue undertones

Wild Bougainvillea- a show stopping red
Pomelo hints of pink and whispers of orange, overlaying a beautiful clear red

Custard Apples- a happy, vibrant green that has undertones of a warm golden yellow


6 half pans of artist-grade, lightfast watercolor. As these are limited, item is subject to availability and sold during shop drops. This should prevent overselling, but please allow 3-7 business days (not including holidays or weekends) for this item to ship.I photograph in natural lighting but colors may vary depending upon your device screen settings.

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