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Squirrel friend

Squirrel friend



This watercolor card of this sassy little squirrel  is printed from an original watercolor painting by Kelly Barone.

All tree squirrels belong to the genus Sciurus, which comes from the Greek words "skia" (shadow) and "oura" (tail). The name reportedly reflects tree squirrels' habit of hiding in the shadow of their long, bushy tails.

Tree squirrels mostly eat nuts, seeds, and fruit, but they are omnivores.

Some ground squirrels hibernate, but most squirrel species rely on caches of food to get through the winter. That could mean storing all their food in a single larder, although that's vulnerable to thieves, and some larder-hoarding ground squirrels lose up to half their cache this way. Many squirrels instead use a technique called "scatter hoarding," in which they spread their food across hundreds or thousands of hiding places, a labor-intensive hedge against theft.

Tree squirrels are even known to dig fake holes to fool onlookers, yet thanks to a detailed spatial memory and a strong sense of smell, they still recover up to 80% of their cache. Some fox squirrels also use a mnemonic strategy to organize nuts by species.
Even the food these squirrels lose isn't really lost, since unrecovered nuts simply turn into new trees.
These beautiful 5X7 cards are ivory with plain ivory envelopes. The cards are blank inside, perfect for writing your own heart-felt sentiment. These cards are so pretty you'll want to keep extras on hand for yourself as well as having some on hand to give as gifts.
The card itself is a gorgeous, 140 pound ivory watercolor paper and the the prints are professional quality on the same paper, held in place with corner tabs for ease of removal because this fine art card contains a limited edition print, signed and numbered by the artist and is suitable for framing.
Please be aware that colors may vary slightly due to differences in monitor settings
These fun little friends are perfect as a gifts for Moms, Birthdays, Thank You or Hostess gifts, lovely for sending notes to friends or family.
Blank inside they are suitable for any occasion.

All notecards may be bundled 4 for $20 and you may mix and match.
Place the 4 cards you wish to purchase in your cart, Use coupon code CARDS and it will bring your cost to $20.

*Artist retains all copyrights to artwork and no artwork may be reproduced without permission from the artist.

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