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Info packs

The circles below are links to the PDF info packs for each retreat. 
Click and download to get all the info you may want. Although, if there's more info you need you can always EMAIL ME too. 
Once you have decided which is for you...

(Why not all 3? You're amazing and deserve all the good things!)

you can register at the links below. 



This event is special because it is the first time I'm hosting a tangle event that is open to EVERYONE, no matter your experience level.
You want this. You deserve it. You can do this

Trust me



It's my goal that everyone who takes a class with me leaves feeling accomplished. I have put together a weekend designed to take you from "I can't draw flowers" to "I DREW AND PAINTED THIS!"
This retreat features, pencil, pen &ink and watercolor...and it's ok if you've never used any of those before!

Midsummer  Tangle promo shot.png

Midsummer Tangle 2023

This year promises to be amazing!

I cannot wait until July for us to experience this years CZT only retreat here in Buffalo NY. Wanna join us?

*Hint* You do.
So does your bestie.
(Very limited space available)

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